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    Welcome to your Video Conference course!
    Online Learning

    This course will be delivered via Video Conferencing (previously referred to as IITV), Moodle (learning management system) and a variety of other tools (as required by your instructor).

    Distance Education can be a challenge, but if you work as hard as you do in your face to face courses, you should be able to earn this credit and learn the skill of working effectively in an online course.

    News Forum
    Below you will find the News Forum. This forum is for teachers to share information, due dates, missing assignments or directions if you might be having difficulty. Teachers will post regularly in the Moodle News Forum. We are able to track the students that check into the News Forum, please use this feature actively.

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    Your Video Conferencing course will take place in the studio in your school or, in a few courses, through your computer. You should not be touching or changing any setting at the school, classes are programmed to begin according to your school timetable. Just be on time and ready to learn!

    Introduction to Moodle

    Complete the following activities to create a profile. If you already have a profile, update it with 2011 information.
    Learn to message in the Moodle, that will be the preferred way to contact your teacher. Develop your contact list to include the members of your class.

    Work your way down the list of activities:

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